What Would Happen if all Dams were Destroyed at Once?

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It seems like it would be an interesting experiment to release all the dams in the world at once. The water would flow over and then what would happen? What do dams really do for us anyways? This video explores the questions behind dams and really generates some answers. You have to ensure that you’re ready for this onslaught and outpouring of information. Alright, enough with the puns and we’ll just get right down to splashing out some answers. After all, who doesn’t like a good story about water?

But before we begin, we’d like to remind you that the like, subscribe, and bell notification buttons are there at your disposal. You know what to do. Dam failure happens around the world. Those who have to clean up the messes already know the trauma that the resultant flooding can cause.

Dams are meant to slow down the flow of water. They create lakes or reservoirs by doing so. There is some water that spills over in most dams called a spillway or weir. It will proceed over this barrier incrementally or continuously. Sometimes, the dams also create energy that people can use. They do so through the use of a hydroelectric power generation system. Now you can understand all of the punny words at the beginning of this video.

Dams are a force to be reckoned with. International Humanitarian Law stipulates that they are dangerous forces. That means that the failure of a dam is bound to unleash some serious destruction and chaos. Fortunately, dams do not often fail. When they do, they can cause enormous tragedy. In 1975, the Banqiao Reservoir Dam and other dams in Henan Province of China proved this theory right.

More than 11 million people were displaced due to loss of habitation. Also, the figures seemed to rest on around 171 000 people that were killed when this happened. That is the size of some small cities. Imagine an entire population of people just vanishing under the ebbs of water. It could be likened to a man made Tsunami!

If you think that this could not happen to all the dams in the world because the technology is so strong, you may be wrong. Mountain slides, earthquakes, changes in water levels, and extreme inflow have all been known to be natural causes of dam failure. On top of that, human error is added to the equation. Sometimes corners were cut, or budgets, in constructing the dams. These errors or cheap materials have led to failure. Also, it is important to keep in mind that these dams need maintenance. When people neglect the outlet pipes, the dam can explode because of blockages or corrosion.

Dams are designed by engineers who must get their calculations right. Even errors in this phase dooms the dam to death. Also, computers are needed to maintain the functioning, and these can malfunction as well. The results are catastrophic. If all the dams broke, the rivers surrounding them would flood. Those living in nearby areas would die.

Aside from the loss of lives, there would be a loss of power to the entire globe. Hydroelectric- IER estimates that people rely on renewable resources for more than ten percent of their needs. Almost half of this is hydroelectrically sourced power. That means more than 5% of the world’s energy sources would vanish, just like that.

Imagine your favorite global paradises being destroyed. Iconic cities like London would be decimated. If something like this happened, the entire globe would have to band together for solutions. It might just disrupt the entire ecosystem as well as the political structures. Martial law might even come into effect for a while, which would not be very pleasant if survival films are any indication. Does this make you think twice about living by a body of water? For many people, they will start to appreciate their cities that are away from large dams a lot more.

It is great to have hydroelectric power, but the source of power is quite risky as well. As you can see, many things could go wrong to collapse a dam. And some of these events, such as earthquakes, are out of humans’ control. But, now that dams are built, the best thing that people can do is maintain them. And also, advocating for top notch materials in their future construction does not hurt either.

So, how do you feel about this matter- do you think that dams should be collapsed right away and people evacuated first in order to prevent crises in the future? Do you think that dams were even worth building in the first place? Or are you of the notion that dams are an important source of non renewable energy and their construction was invaluable? Would you choose to advocate for better materials in all construction projects in the future if you could somehow get involved?

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