The Truth in the Vatican Libraries and Archives is Hidden!

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People love to talk of the unknown. Especially when it is an exclusive locale that not many individuals would normally gain access to. Such is the case with the Vatican libraries, a.k.a. the Vatican Library and Secret Archives. Catholicism is known in general to be a very secretive religion. In the past, only the priests were allowed to interpret the Bible. The rest of the population had to rely on pictures in the church to garner Biblical information. It makes sense then that there would be secrets still holed up in the Vatican libraries.

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The Vatican Library is next to the Vatican Secret Archives. As the name of the latter denotes, this storage repository is definitely chock full of material that the general public is not privy to. The Vatican Apostolic Library is the official library of the Holy See that is in Vatican City.

It is one of the oldest libraries in the world, and it was opened on 1475. It has a collection of historical texts that are very important. It also contains 1 to 2 million books.

This library is not open to just anyone. But if you can give your credentials and reasons for needing to research, the vault just might open for you.

With so many great libraries being laid to ruin through history, there is no great mystery as to why the Vatican Library is guarded more carefully.

What might interest people is the secret rooms that apparently lie down there. Of course, this sort of veiled intel has never been truly confirmed. Even people who are in the Vatican are not necessarily in the know of these territories.

Why are these rooms undercover? Apparently, they hold the secrets to life. The manuscripts would be impossible to replace. The knowledge is practically sacred. That’s why some would wonder if there are artifacts in there as well? Perhaps slightly decomposing bodies of aliens…

If you ever wondered what the libraries of ancient societies long past like Carthage contained, the Vatican Library probably has all the major books.

Back then, people had to rewrite the copies of books by hand. So, it was not that easy to get reprints. But thankfully for them, they also had slaves that they could put to the arduous task. Of course, that would mean that they would need to locate the educated ones first.

Most people confuse the Vatican Library with the Secret Archives. If you made a wrong turn headed to the library, you might be sorry later. That’s because some people believe that there is so much contraband in the archives that one might be in trouble if they witnessed it.

People would probably have to know what they are looking for. The walls are spanned with manuscripts. But in some of these books there is a lot of information on magic and demons. This part of the crypt would be called the Black Archives.

But if you are a scholar, academic, or a journalist, you just might be privy to some of it, if you know what you are looking for. You have to ask for the specific document. You can’t just browse around turning corners and opening doors.

Some speculate that there is evidence through letters of politicians that Jesus Christ never existed. Considering this is what the Catholic faith is based on, the Catholics would want to conceal what would be an inconvenient truth.

Also, as alluded to above, the archives are rumored to contain alien skulls. And that’s not even the worst of it. The theorists think that the Pope is colluding with aliens to put computer chips into all of us.

And what library that contains the contents of all secular libraries is complete without erotica. The Catholic leaders would not want their religious public to know that they are trying to conserve porn and other sinful sexual texts.

Most people today are scared of the Illuminati. Their rumours of power extend to sinister acts. They are the type of sect that is accused of unmentionable acts as part of their initiation rituals. And yet

apparently, many of the biggest Hollywood names only got to the level they are at because they were willing to join as a lemming.

The Illuminati theories do not just extend to prominent entertainers. Many theorists think that the Illuminati also controls the archives. The point behind these figures is that they can be seen anywhere in the high up ranks. But yet they cannot be seen, because no one knows who they really are.

And in stark contrast of all these theories, many argue that the secret archives really aren’t as mysterious as they are made out to be. Pope Leo XIII started opening the archives to academics in 1881. Even the past popes’ mail is on the table. However, it is with the proviso that one must know exactly what one wants. That isn’t much of a pass to free access. And the shelves are 52 miles long. So, good luck uncovering much of anything by chance.

In this modern era, the Vatican has a YouTube channel. Much of everything that happens in the public eye is recorded there. But that doesn’t help when history is so shrouded in secrecy.

It appears that Vatican City, population 1,000, operates on a need to know basis. And the rest of the world can only speculate as to what those in the know have access to. Do they have alien skulls in the archives that journalists can request to see? Or are the really secret artifacts kept hidden away from the eyes of mere mortals?

What about you- what do you believe? Do you think that the archives and libraries are full of tedious information much akin to the modern day Internet on page 15 of a Google search? Or is this information truly earth shattering in ways that any classified document may be? Furthermore, do you believe it is our right to access this history, or is it being kept under wraps because much of it is just fake news that is being preserved for the sake of conservation itself?

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