The Hidden Truth Behind Why NASA Hasn’t Returned to the Moon

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And speaking of planets, we are all waiting for another epic trip to the moon. The first time, Americans beat the Russians there. They planted their flag which mysteriously waved in the wind for the pictures. The photo shoot seemed to turn out just fine, so why isn’t NASA making anymore trips out there? After all, there is even a cool breeze on the moon at times. What more could astronauts want?

Let’s first take a trip back in time. It was 1972, and Apollo 17 made their entrance onto the moon on December 11. The crew was the first ever to include a scientist- Harrison Schmitt, often called Jack. This meant that they were expecting to collect some samples while they were up there to come back to earth and study the topography. In fact, that was the real reason they were up there- it wasn’t to beat another country to the punchline. But they definitely included taking photographs of the moon as part of the mission objectives. As well, they wanted to perform experiments.

So the crew set about collecting moon rocks upon landing. They took the rover out for a spin as well so they could survey as much of the geography as they could. There were mountains, the ground, and the

highlands that were in the mountains. They even found volcanic ash in the orange soil of the crater they dubbed “Shorty Crater”.

While it sounds like an exciting visit where NASA could learn about the geography of the moon, Americans are not going back, according to Forbes magazine.

The reason that it doesn’t seem to be on the itinerary is money. Going to the moon is expensive and requires a fair amount of national resources. In fact, five percent of the federal budget went towards this endeavour in 1972. But now, the President simply has not allocated the funds. Even though President Trump declared that there would be trips to Mars in the future, only 0.4 per cent of the budget is designated to go to space travel. That would really only pay for ten per cent of the trip to the moon.

So what does President Trump hope for future space expedition under his administration? Well, he plans to build a lunar space station that orbits the moon. Many people who want to actually land on planets are a bit disappointed by this meager goal.

But it seems like all the space agencies have completely stopped their moon visitations. People around the world are beginning to speculate as to why.

Some people even believe that the moon has aliens who do not want earthlings to come back. This is something that we talked about in our

video “Did Aliens Once Rule the Earth- and Are they coming Back?”. If you haven’t heard the bold claims by a prominent nuclear psychist yet, then you might want to check that video out after this one.

So back to the speculations. People believe that there are alien bases on the dark side of the moon. And the top brass of society are covering this up, again according to the conspiracy theorists, because they don’t want mass chaos if the general public catches wind of this information.

Otherwise, the theorist purport, NASA would have established at least one permanent base on the surface of the moon by now. Since President Trump is so eager to eventually explore Mars, and even colonize it, why not colonize the moon, where NASA has already visited. Instead NASA is building a floating station that simply orbits up in space. It just all seems too suspect.

The theory goes on to unfold a darker, more sinister story. The aliens want the resources that the moon has to offer. It is their turf, and they are not giving up without a fight. The aliens have their stations on the moon already. They simply send UFO’s to earth to check up on people and make sure that humans stay where they were planted. Again, check out the previous video to hear more about how conspiracists believe that aliens might have actually seeded the earth with organic material, and are now simply watching it grow.

Some theorists also suggest that they want to keep humans quarantined on earth permanently.

This won’t stop other private firms from attempting to garner money to at least circle the moon. Elon Musk is planning a flight around the moon. Two people are already paying money to secure their spots on this week-long flight. But even money cannot pay for people to actually land there as of right now.

Even the film Apollo 18 offers a theory that reeks of conspiracy qualities. The crew’s fictional number is significant because it would be the predecessor to the famous flight crew that landed on the moon. Warning- a spoiler alert is ahead.

The film is apparently based on actual footage that NASA possesses that was leaked to the media. It shows a former crew having to abort a mission after finding signs of alien life on the moon. Again, this movie is significant because some of the film is real. The failure of the missions were due to alien interference.

It makes sense to some people as Apollo 18 and 19 crews were both trained. The missions were paid for. But they are mysteriously shrouded in secrecy.

Well, that’s all for today. Do you believe that there are alien bases on the moon who are nefariously making it impossible for NASA to set up shop there? Or are you of mindset that space is still the final frontier but the government has immediate plans that do not include moon landings?

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