The 10 Most Dangerous Waters in the World

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Water is a murky subject matter. Sometimes you can’t see to the bottom of certain bodies. At other times, you definitely would not want to. There are creatures that lurk in the wait of any tub of aqua except that in your own bathroom.

Also, some seas are just choppy and not fit for safe passage. Sailors know all about the fears of the ocean first hand. But that doesn’t stop people from wanting to venture out on the open water. It is a vast ecosystem out there, and from boating to scuba diving, there is adventure to be had. Let’s explore what makes the waters so perilous.

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Belize is a paradise island for vacation goers. However, the Great Blue Hole of Belize is a frightful place to be caught. It is simply a huge vortex. You would think that people would be scared off by the way it randomly pulls people under and spouts up water. It seems like one big bath tub drain. And yet vacationers risk the perils because apparently it has great snorkelling.

Jacob’s Well in Texas, USA has a sign next to it. The illustration is one of the grim reaper. So far it sounds pretty dire, even if you can’t read. The experts tell people not to go into it, as “there’s nothing in this cave

worth dying for.” However, the sign says that people with cave training and cave equipment might be safe. It still sounds pretty ominous.

Lake Michigan is a lake in the USA/Canada border that is among the five great lakes. The Great Lakes are famous, and many people consider them tourist attraction. However, a person might want to avoid this one as the currents caused a horrific plane crash. And weather patterns stipulate it could happen again at any time.

Rio Tinto River in Spain is an uninviting hue. Not many people would want to jump into a water that looks a lot like blood. But if they think they’ll risk it, they are in for a burning surprise. The pH of the river is usually between 1.7 and 2.5. Aside from being an acid bath, it’s highly polluted due to mining.

Boiling Lake in Dominica is about as inviting as the name suggests. The temperature is between 180 to 197 degrees Fahrenheit, and that’s just on the edges. So don’t be a frog and dip your toe into the edge of it. By the time you reach the center, you’ll be boiled alive.

Lake Kivu in Africa is between Rwanda and the Congo. These are war torn areas that have tenuous peace. It has gases that could cause a volcanic eruption at any time. But if you feel like taking the chance, it’s safe, much like the countries, for now.

The Drake Passage in America is where the Atlantic Ocean intersects with the Pacific Ocean. This already sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Here the hurricanes can reach up to 12. It sounds like a person should just take the alternative, the Panama Canal, instead.

Lake Natron in northern Tanzania chimes like it is part of an alien planet, judging by the name. It is as otherworldly looking as it sounds, with a strangely alkaline pH level of 10.5. That’s the kind of water that would corrode anything living. Also, its extremely hot at temps up to 120 degree Fahrenheit. Not that anyone would think of jumping in as it is covered with a layer of red salt.

Most people think that anything in California would be exotic and fun. However, Horseshoe Lake certainly isn’t. It has high levels of carbon dioxide that even kills the trees that line it.

Finally, a person wouldn’t want to swim anywhere in the popular tourist attractions of the Everglades, Florida. There are Burmese pythons lurking everywhere, aside from the fact that it is the only place in the world where both alligators and crocodiles exist.

If you don’t want to lose life and limb, then please don’t jump into their swamps. Also, the rivers that line the area are popular fishing spots. However, they are completely infested with alligators. The people fishing there are up on a hill. And they take comfort that alligators are usually more picky about their food than eating humans. However, it is certainly a scary area to witness all these dangerous animals congested in one spot.

So how do you feel about swimming now? Generally, the areas that are to be avoided have signs. Make sure you pay attention to them. But not all signs will be in your language. So if you are anywhere vacationing and spot a body of water, you might want to take caution.

Even if the waters look inviting, dangerous gases can lurk in the water, just like in California. Also, you might not enjoy the sensation you feel when your finger burns off just by touching the surface.

That’s all for today, but we want to know what you think. Do you know of bodies of water that are even more dangerous than this? And have you ever taken your chances while out hiking by wading in waters that you weren’t too sure about? We’re glad you lived to tell the tale.

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