Dogs that Act (and look) like they were Created by Demons

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Dogs are loveable, furry creatures. They are usually a pet that is easily domesticated. However, you might need to send the dog to obedience school if it is not behaving. However, dogs generally demonstrate a large aptitude to learn, so the investment is usually worthwhile. Dogs do not necessarily have control over their looks. They can be bred to be a mix of certain breeds, so sometimes man has a little bit of say. Some of these mixes are better looking than others.

Sometimes a purebred is just unfortunate, and no amount of mixing seems to wash away the fear factor. They just look like they were created by demons. Let’s explore the scarier looking, and acting mutts in today’s video. Before we start, make sure you show us some love by hitting the like and subscribe buttons. Also, if you are feeling like you want to adopt us, hit the bell notification button so we’ll never be apart.

The pit bull is a controversial breed. They used to be the underdog, of well, dogs. But despite their advocates, they didn’t quite come out on top. Just as people were beginning to look past their ugly mugs, they proved themselves to be killers. Story upon story came out in the news of the pits turning on their owners. There also seemed to be little provocation for the slaying. And the dogs had little remorse as well.

Nothing was more shocking than the story of Bethany Lynn Stephens. She had not one but two pit bulls. Her social media was plastered with pictures of her cuddling her dogs. It seemed like a match made in heaven. Then, Bethany was savagely attacked by her own dogs while out for a walk in the woods of rural Virginia. People couldn’t believe the story, but the dogs were found guarding what was left of her body.

But that wasn’t the most gruesome detail. The dogs were actually eating her and picking at her rib cage. While people tried to think of alternatives, the investigators concluded that the mauling occurred by the pit bulls as there were only dog bites on her body found in a forensic investigation. The canines were put down, but that hasn’t stopped people from being wary of pit bulls. Many cities in North America, such as Calgary, Canada, have put bans on owning pit bulls. This hasn’t stopped the advocates from trying to repeal the bans. However, with many pit bull attacks being reported in the news, it is difficult to imagine why people want these dogs around. Rottweilers are another deadly breed. They are usually known for the mean grimaces that they carry on their faces. Some argue that they are just as dangerous as pit bulls.

Rottweilers don’t seem to have as many advocates. That may be because they are known for killing babies. M.J. Raya was a one-year-old who lived in Phoenix, Arizona. Like most babies, she was never away from careful supervision by his loving family. However, one fateful afternoon, his grandma put the baby down to get the door. It was then that the dog took the opportunity to grab M.J. and drag him outside. The Rott. ferociously attacked the body until the police officer came to mercy the dog.

Anthony Riggs was also killed by the Rottweiler. The terrifying reality of the situation was that the 57-year-old had just adopted the dog that same day as his death. The dog was a stray, so perhaps animal lovers should be cautious about the origins of their pups at adoption centers. But again, good hearted animal lovers would argue that every dog needs a good home. However, by the looks of these two breeds, it doesn’t seem like every dog is meant for domestication.

The Presa dog is a dog that was meant to help with livestock. It is a large dog that has an interesting history. They were originally bred in the Canary Islands. Here, they accompanied the natives in all their rituals.

However, it is rumored that demons appeared to the islanders in the form of these dogs. Many islanders might have had a love hate relationship with them. But they put that aside when it came to burial, because the dogs were sometimes mummified with their owners. The Presa’s were to be feared for other feats other than shape-shifting.They were used in dog fights in the islands. And even up to the 1950’s, this was a common role on the island for these dogs, even after they were banned in the 1940’s.

Presa’s have a dual temperament- while they can be trained, they still have the potential to remain aggressive. Certainly someone on the island would not want to meet a Presa that was trained for fighting on the street. As soon as the collar is released, that is the fighter dogs’ signal to attack. One certainly wouldn’t want to get the cattle breeding variety and the killing machine Presas on the island confused.

All of the dogs mentioned in this video have a similar look. They have box like faces. But many would say that their scary feature is their eyes. When the dogs’ eyes go black, it can look like a soul-less creature that is designed for one purpose- to kill. That’s why some would say these breeds look like they were manufactured by demons. And, also, the red hue that the eyes can get when captured in a certain light, especially on camera, doesn’t hurt either.

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