Did Aliens Ever Rule the Earth- and Are they Coming Back?

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Hey there! If you’re liking our videos, please hit the subscribe button and notification bell so that you never miss another video. Now let’s get right into today’s topic. It’s creepy, but the fact that there could have been alien life ruling planet earth before us is something that should be considered. The possibility has never been fully ruled out by scientists.

We are still waiting to dig up aliens’ fossilized bones. In fact, we would be looking for any technosignatures that the life forms pre-dated us. These signs from another era could be the building that aliens once lived in. Or artifacts that show their likenesses. Take a look at this coin that has an alien imprinted on it. Just like markings on a cave, anything that shows us signs of alien life from the past is further evidence that they had a presence here before humans on earth. One theory suggests that humans are actually the aliens on earth. This is certainly what a photo from “The Express” a British paper, seemed to suggest. It was a rock that could only really be viewed by a microscope. And this rock was emitting genetic material. The scientists were perplexed. But they concluded that this rock must have been designed by an intelligent species. Some of them thought it was a seed of material that was sent to earth by aliens. They planted it here on earth so that the life of the species could be propagated. Basically, the foreign organisms were planted here by aliens, and scientists found evidence to support this theory.

This lead to the question of why would aliens plant life on earth? Were they here before as pioneers? Are they gone now but watching us from afar to see how we react to life on planet earth? We don’t see the aliens now, but evidence that they planted life on earth now exists. Or are the aliens still here? Some people theorize that they are on earth now, and waiting to take over again. This is what Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist, believes. He says the reason that the average layman does not see them is because the governments around the world have been covering up their visitations to earth.

He has seen firsthand the evidence of alien UFO’s. He was there when Roswell saw the UFO crash in 1947 as part of the investigation team. And those mysterious crop circles that just, well, crop up? Those are evidence as well according to Friedman. He cites the declassification of the UFO flies held by the CIA as further proof. We may wonder why aliens want to come back. They haven’t really made any take overs of earth yet. But Friedman says that they will not show themselves to humans unless they really want their presence to be known. So don’t expect an E.T. moment any time soon where a lost alien is searching for his family.

Aliens appear to like it in space so far. Friedman says that they actually don’t want humans to go up and live there. They want the galaxies all to themselves. He says that their plans are simply to monitor us and make sure that we keep out of space. These conspiracy theories do not bode well for those who are planning on colonizing Mars. They might want to take heed of warnings from top scientists. After all, no one would want World War III to be fought against extra terrestrials.

But until then, we must still comb the earth for treasures that teach us of the past. If we can find out if aliens did live here, then we will be one step closer to finalizing where they went. Just like the dinosaurs from prehistoric eras, there has to be alien bones or decomposed matter that gives us insight into how they existed and why. Many will wonder why aliens left. Maybe something happened and they could no longer exist here. Or they just came to test the waters but found that they liked it better on Mars or in another galaxy. One thing is certain though, the aliens must have superior technology to humans in order to travel to and from different dimensions.

They must also be able to breath in multiple atmospheres for life. The atmospheres on other planets in our galaxy cannot sustain human life. So the bodily make up of aliens must be complex. How are they able to survive these space trips? There are so many questions, and scientists mull over possibilities still to this day. The best place to start would be continuing to dig for artifacts from primal civilizations. Since the possibility of alien life forms residing on planet earth has not yet been ruled out, it remains a hope some have. It is also a fear many possess. We do not know yet whether aliens ruled the earth, but eery matter like the rock does exist.

If aliens are watching us from above- what do they think of us? Are we an enemy to them or a friend? Aliens appear in creepy costuming that we would recoil from in the movies. There is a possibility that they have been displaced as well from a place they called home. They could be sojourners who are unhappy and roaming the galaxy. Maybe they are demons who are trying to confuse people by shape shifting.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to alien life that many people do not even want to know the truth. Perhaps this is why the government has worked so hard to keep us out of their files. And yet humans are explorers that continue to expand their borders of travel. Most people would think this is a positive investment, and others are scared by the possibility that the aliens won’t like it.

Either way, we cannot know for sure. Do you believe that we should limit ourselves from exploring the frontiers of space and science in the future based on these signs, or do you think that these clues and theories should not hold us back from further aerospace discovery?

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