10 Underwater Discoveries Nobody can Explain

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People have always had a fascination with diving into the depths of the ocean. It is an underwater world that remained vastly untapped until the invention of scuba gear. Now people can go deep under and see what is really hidden beneath the surface. Some are hoping to see amazing fish and other sea creatures. But many underwater divers hope to find buried treasures and archeological gems. Diving is an expensive hobby, so usually someone employing this gear has some kind of motive. Now let’s explore 10 underwater discoveries nobody can explain.

But first, you don’t have to be a deep sea diver to discover our videos if you hit the bell notifications. Also, you can like and subscribe to us. Now back to the video. Number one is an object that was recorded by a ROV Support Vessel in 2010. It was installed into the ocean floor, but no one knows why. And no one understands its purpose either.

Number two. The Silfra Crack may help to prove the theory that all the countries used to be stuck together. If you dive deep enough, this crack between North America and the Eurasian continent is slowly moving further apart by 2 cm’s per year. The science behind it is still shrouded in mystery.

Number three. An odd discovery of a river underneath the Black Sea led scientists to conclude that this phenomenon can happen. They has speculated for years if underwater rivers could be a reality.

Number four. There is an underwater Stonehenge in the middle of Lake Michigan. This is yet another unexplained marvel.

Number five. In 1985, there were trains from the 1850’s found submerged in the ocean’s depths. It doesn’t seem like people have any answers as to how those trains got there. Amazing that with all the records kept in the 20th century that no one got to the bottom of this.

Number six. A UFO was found in the Baltic Sea. Scientists also claimed that their equipment was malfunctioning when they tried to near it. It seems though that alien enthusiasts shouldn’t get too excited quite yet, because all indications point to human construction.

Number seven. Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without sightings of the remnants of Atlantis. The myth of the city that the gods sunk has never really faded all these centuries. And it seemed when Joseph Mason Valentine and his team of divers discovered the Bimini Road, it just confirmed suspicions that a civilization had once lived there. The road is a kilometer long and made of large stones. Now people can continue to hope that the path will lead to confirmation of Atlantis.

Number eight. The engine of Apollo 11 was discovered in March 2012 by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. It had been a mystery for so long as to where the machine that carried Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins to the moon actually went.

Number nine. In the Caribbean Sea there is an underwater sculpture park created by Jason deCaires Tayor. While it is not unexplained, it’s still unbelievable that all this great art stays in one place for people to come and enjoy. Especially since we know how volatile those oceanic currents can be. But if you’re ever on the west coast of Grenada for holidays, it is definitely worth checking out.

Number ten. Scuba diving teams in Florida found stone tools that are aged at 14,550 years old. They seem like they’re a bit huge to use on the average animal. Scientists believe that they were used on mastodons, an extinct animal that was a bit like an elephant. They are still not sure though what ancient society used these tools. So there you have it, from tools to lost cities, there is a lot to be discovered beneath the land’s surface. Although the earth’s surface is also comprised of a lot of water too.

Water holds many of the mysteries of life still. Do aliens use it as a dumping ground for their defunct machines? Did we use it to dump Apollo 11 to disguise some inconvenient truths? And was there an ocean that ever divided the continents in the first place? There is a lot to learn about the world, and underwater discoveries could be some of our greatest teachers. It makes us wonder if we could be harvesting this underwater land space more effectively, just as we do outer space.

We put satellites up there that have become our life line in sustaining modern conveniences. If an underwater sculpture park will stay in place, then what else could stay fixated to the bottom’s surface? Certainly the mysterious object that was fixed there was planted there for a purpose. Why else would people go to all the trouble to cement it to a certain spot?

We can’t help but conjecture as to whether the ocean has more gifts for humanity in the future. It is certainly a world down there all of its own. And it is a great place for hiding items, that is, until they get uncovered by a diving team.

So what about you- do you think that we as humans could be using this vast space more effectively? Do you think there are a lot of treasures still hidden in the depths that we have yet to discover? Or do you maintain that humans should keep a healthy awe of the ocean, as it can be a treacherous as well as magnificent space?

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