10 Unbelievable Things You never Knew about Toilets

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There are many facts that people don’t know about various items. I mean, we sometimes are surprised when we find out that there was a mice nest in our walls or that they can even live inside the parts of our cars.

Toilets are no exception. They have a history and a slew of interesting facts surrounding them. They are one of our most basic needs in civilized society. And yet they have evolved from primitive squatting holes to complex machinery over the centuries. Let’s explore ten unbelievable things you never knew about toilets in today’s video. But first, we hope that the subscribe, like, and bell notification buttons are not unknown to you. Please take some time out to hit them all in synchronicity.

Now, back to the video. Number one- have you ever noticed how toilet brushes, when they are new, resemble another fiber that you can’t put your finger on? They have their shape thanks to machines that also put out fake Christmas trees. Yep, that’s right, it’s two products work for the same machines when it comes to manufacturing time.

Number two. We think that toilets are modern, but some advanced societies appear to have had toilets before they came to the Western world. A toilet was found in China that is estimated to be from around 206 BC to 24 AD. Now that’s a long time before we think that toilets came into being.

Number three. Scotland was one of the first societies known to have toilets. They were even more advanced in this technology than China. Their early prototypes dated back to 3,000 BC.

Number four. The first flushable toilet was believed to have been invented by a man named Arthur Giblin. Little did he know, he was turning a page in history as we know it.

Number five. People in the world still don’t own what we consider a modern necessity. In Afghanistan, there are still more televisions per citizen than toilets. In fact, only 7% of them have flushable toilets. And if that wasn’t sobering enough, nine out of ten of them have televisions. It’s kind of sad that some countries still don’t have access to the sanitation standards that the rest of the world enjoys.

Number six. Toilets can be a safety hazard. So yes, when those safety organizations warn you about every day cautions, the toilet is still on that list. In fact, 40 000 Americans get hurt using the toilet every year. While they have cautions on their MacDonald’s coffee cups, manufacturers still don’t put too many warnings on this item. If you think about it though, people can faint while on the loo, and the fall could be pretty dramatic.

Number seven. In China, there are even public toilets for dogs. That sounds completely civilized to people who are tired on laying in fields wondering if a dog just peed there. However, imagine the discipline those dogs go through learning to use the toilets properly.

Number eight. We always think we should perhaps put paper down on unknown toilet seats. But a kitchen chopping board is bound to be more dangerous. Imagine the fact that it has 200% higher levels of fecal bacteria than the seat. That is incredible! Just think about that sobering stat and make sure that everyone working in your kitchen has washed their hands thoroughly with soap. You might want to Lysol those cutting boards as well, pronto.

Number nine. Urea, which is found in urine, can actually kill fungi and bacteria. That is quite the statistic for those who hesitate to pee on their friend’s jelly fish sting. Also, it might help people be less afraid of using public toilets.

Number ten. Those pesky rats just won’t leave people alone. They are capable of squeezing their bodies to fit through a toilet. They can hold their breath and swim as well. Mice are capable as well, but they usually don’t get in rodent proofed toilets. Fortunately though, both incidents are not very common. The rats are likely to jump out of the toilet when they’ve arrived at a destination, so rat traps might be the next logical step. People that go about studying toilets can find a plethora of interesting facts. This list is just slightly scratching the surface.

Most people worry about the cleanliness of their toilets. But from the statistics, they should be more concerned with washing their hands after using it. And definitely those kitchens are the worst place for fecal bacteria to transfer to. No one wants to get a case of food poisoning. Also, there are still countries that lack flushable toilets in their homes. It is definitely a sobering statistic when it comes to complaining about having to call a plumber.

And in other countries, they go to the extremes of teaching their dogs to use doggy toilets. It is an impressive feat that many nature lovers would appreciate. They don’t want to smell dog urine on their favorite bed of flowers. It boggles the mind to know how disciplined their dogs there must be to hold their fire until they come into proximity of another golden bowl.

So what about you- did you learn something new about toilets that you had never before imagined? Are you more compelled to be grateful next time you have to pay to use a public washroom, since at least you have access?

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