10 Unbelievable Animals that Saved People’s Life

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Most people in the world have experienced the joy that animals can bring to daily life. Whether it’s visiting the zoo or owning a pet, humans’ interactions with animals can really enrich their lives. Some animals, out of attachment or instinct, step up in emergency situations. They end up rescuing people who are in trouble. This is why the police often make the dogs they train members of their teams. These dogs are considered cops by all their colleagues. Today we will explore how furry, or slippery, animal friends can come to one’s aid.

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Number one is a Doberman Pinscher named Khan. We often hear of these dogs being demonized, so it is nice when we can report on a pet that is protective. Khan had just joined his new family for a few days when he was playing with little toddler Charlotte in the yard. Suddenly, he picked her up and tossed her behind him. It was later that the mother realized that Khan had been bitten by a King Brown snake. The dog was simply trying to save Charlotte from a similar fate. Khan recovered with a shot but Charlotte would not have been so lucky.

Number two- lions are a fierce breed. They also have very maternal instincts at times. On June 2005, a twelve-year-old girl was saved from kidnappers by three lions. The lions chased away the men who had beaten her. They also stayed valiantly at her side until the cops came on scene. One explanation by a wildlife expert is that she sounded like a cub when she was yelling for help.

Number three is a gorilla named Binti Jua. In the summer of 1996 at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, a little boy fell into the gorilla pit. The gorilla picked up the boy and delivered him to the humans at the cage’s entrance that were waiting to help.

Number four. A pig seems like an unlikely hero. Yet all Jo Ann Altsman needed was her pig Lulu and dog Bear when she was on a trip in Pennsylvania. When Jo Ann went into cardiac arrest, Lulu exited out of the mobile home doggy door where they were staying. The pig valiantly threw itself on the road, hoping to attract a car. While other cars swerved away, one driver stopped out of instinct. He let the pig lead him to Altsman. Lulu was so attached to Jo Ann that the pig jumped in the ambulance with her.

Number five. Cats often get a bad rap for being withdrawn and less affectionate than dogs. But this family cat named Oreo saved the Busscher family when their home was on fire. The cat kept crying out until the sleeping family awakened.

Number 6. Nearly everyone has an affinity to dolphins. Davide Ceci went out on a family boating trip in Italy although he couldn’t swim. He fell into the water and was drowning when Filippo literally propelled him out of the water. The dolphin went right up to the edge of the boat until the father noticed.

Number seven. When elephant Kham Lha thought that his keeper was drowning in a river in Thailand, the animal went right in to save him. Although Darrick was probably fine in the water, Kham needed to make sure.

Number eight. A ship crashed back in the early 1900’s. The dog onboard named Tang helped the crew of 93 by taking a rope in his mouth and heading for shore. The sailors were then able to get everyone out to land safely.

Number nine. A little three-year-old named Victoria Bensch was enjoying a sunny day in her yard. She decided to wander off though. It’s a good thing that her Queensland Heeler named Blue decided to follow her. He watched over her until she was rescued at 9 the next morning. In fact, the helicopter crew spotted the pet first.

Number ten. Australia is home to many venomous snakes. But one four-month year old kitten saved owner Ivan Mcnamara from being bitten. The kitten kept staring at Mcnamara’s shoe as though guarding it. It had an infant tiger snake inside. The man felt lucky that his kitten had such a watchful eye in the end or he could have been fatally poisoned.

All of these animals are amazing in their own right. Some of them are pets, so they tend to have a sort of bond with the owner. But even in the first story we mentioned with the Doberman Pincher, the dog didn’t have time to bond with the family. And yet, he didn’t want the little toddler Charlotte to suffer a bite like he had.

Some wild animals are even more curious. Lions and gorillas are known to be dangerous to humans. They generally attack them. But in some cases, they treat a suffering human like they would their own ilk. That doesn’t mean though that anyone should test out this theory by willfully coming into their proximity.

You might feel that animals are not creatures you want to be around on a daily basis. But if you were in an emergency situation, you would probably still be grateful for their help. Some, like the pig, were incredibly determined to save a life. So what about you- is there a story that surprised you the most from this bunch? If you had to live alone, would you consider getting a pet now if hopes that it could help you out in an emergency?

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